For Shareholder

Affiliate e-document eVexel – gives you the right to sell the shares of our media project. The electronic document can be bought at a price of $5 to $500.

Having 1/3 of right, you will get four EVexel documents. After selling the four EVexel, you will receive a bonus in the form of a profit equal to the per value of one eVexel, and you return the full money spent. .

Full rights to sell all the shares will be granted after your partners sell 16 eVexel documents where you already have 1/2 right.

By owning a full (1/1) right in 64 eVexel documents, you will automatically receive an amount equal to the per value of each eVexel sold by your partners. This can significantly increase your income.

For investor

eVexel in work Daily (%) Payment Trusted amount Overall income
42 Days 1 50-1000 500 210
84 Days 1,6 550-1500 1500 2016
126 Days 2,2 1600-4500 4500 12474
252 Days 2,8 5000-20000 20000 141120

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Equity investment withe
Capital Alliance Group

Since the XIX century, equity investment has been the traditional and lucrative way of earning income for most investors. Equity investment remains till date a very popular way of increasing one’s capital. All multimillionaires and billionaires WITHOUT EXCEPTION have equity investments in their portfolio. These investors receive dividend payments on equity investments. Starting with British-born American economist Benjamin Graham, the opportunity to receive dividend payments from ownership of shares is perhaps the main factor to pushes investors to acquire such shares... Dividends can significantly maximize an investor's income and reduce investment risks.

Lucrative investment with Capital Alliance Group 

The modern financial market offers a set of effective investment tools. However, the problem lies in choosing the most efficient direction that would enable you extract maximum benefit from minimum investment.  

Capital Alliance Group offers investors joint implementation of media projects. These projects are known to carry high return thanks to rapid development of the media sector. Right now, our partners are able to receive dividends not only from development of promising media projects but also from advertising.  

By earning profit today, the investor is laying his path towards a successful future because you become a full equity owner of a TV channel after a while. By participating in the project development for only three months, you earn super-profits and secure a full return on invested funds. Revenue generated from advertising is the main force behind this rapid TV channel promotion.  

All the funds contributed by our partners are in complete safety thanks to the reserve fund maintained by Capital Alliance Group and insurance coverage from Generali Investments CEE.

Would you like to become our partner?

All you need to do is to buy our affiliate e-document eVexel, which gives you the right to sell the shares of our media project. We have put all efforts to make sure that anyone can join us easily. This we have achieved by varying eVexel cost quite widely. Therefore, anyone no mater his or her social status – be it a factory worker or a successful entrepreneur – can join us.

A step-by-step income generation scheme, possibility of generating passive income, various bonuses, and cooperation with professionals in your field open up the door to unlimited income prospects for owners of our eVexel electronic documents. The longer you stay in the system, the higher the income you get. Having found yourself some partners, you can start earning a huge passive income – you won’t need to do anything to generate profit.

We would like to say a few words about the step-by-step income generation scheme, which minimizes the risks of any of our partners. After selling only 4 eVexel documents, you will be given 1/3 of rights and receive a bonus from our company. The next step allows you to become the owner of 1/2 of rights. This will open the way for ownership of full right to sell eVexel e-documents. From this moment, you get FULL per value for each share sold by your partners – your income from this point onwards will increase significantly.

If you want to buy eVexel shares, please contact our partners through your personal account. Partners will advise you on any issue and help you get accustomed to our project.

Besides, we offer a unique opportunity to buy the electronic document on credit at the exchange. Hurry!

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